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What is PLA?

These are the (Spanish) initials used to identify Antiobiotic-free swine production, from weaning to slaughter.

What does it consist of?

It is the breeding of pigs in the best living conditions, in their habitat and with a careful diet so that, since they are weaned from their mothers, they do not require the use of any antibiotic.

To this end, this process is carried out on farms that meet the most demanding biosecurity and control measures with highly qualified personnel, trained in responsible breeding, motivated and involved in the concept of quality throughout the growth process.

The farms used for this breeding are located in places where there is no pig concentration. It is a unique territory, wide and natural, where the population density is 9.2 inhabitants per km2, 30% is wooded, another 30% is cultivated land, 20% are mountains and meadows and only 10% are inhabited areas, which makes it a real paradise where to raise the best livestock PLA, since it involves a commitment to the development of disadvantaged areas such as the province of Teruel.

This achievement is the result of years of research and large investments, both in resources and personnel, by the Térvalis Group to keep the pigs in ideal health conditions.


How do I identify a porcine product PLA?

Through the AENOR certification seal: Antibiotic free production from weaning

What advantages does it afford consumers?

The possibility of choosing a type of meat that comes from pigs that have not consumed any antibiotics since they were weaned from their mother and that have been treated with the maximum conditions of animal welfare.

Furthermore, their consumption contributes to the maintenance and development of the rural environment as well as to the care of the environment.

Productos PLA

In which products can I find it now?

Alma de Aire Sano products: Cured ham from fatteners fed on animal feed 50% Iberian crossbreeds, cured pork shoulder from 50% crossbred Iberian breed fattened on animal feed, Iberian breed cured pork loin 50& crossbred Iberian race, Iberian breed “chorizo” from pigs fattened on animal feed 50% crossbred Iberian race, Iberian breed “salchichon” cured sausage from pigs fattened on animal feed 50% crossbred Iberian race, boiled ham from 50% crossbred Iberian pigs fattened on animal feed and boiled Iberian breed pork shoulder 50% crossbred Iberian race.

How have we achieved the PLA?

The Tervalis group has been investing up to 10% of its turnover in R&D, making it the fifth in the European research and development ranking. It is the first European company to certify the production of Antibiotic-free swine from weaning and that markets its products. A process that has been controlled and certified from start to finish by AENOR, the Spanish Standardisation and Certification Association.

Aire Sano, Teruel by nature